Simple but ignored”

During the course of life there’s a lot of problem we face. Being intended into the root or say depth of life, I was meant to question “what is problem actually?”. I heard somewhere this that life is driven by the situations and these situations are main driving force for our action. Whatever we do is output of our situation. As I have previously mentioned that action is situation driven. But I came to know that the way we do the things might not be a problem. People call it a ‘problem’ because they simply don’t know how to handle the situation. Situation was never a problem. The situation through which people goes may be problem for some people and the same situation can be huge possibility for somebody else. For an example, a numerical value ‘6’ seems to be ‘9’ when we see it from next perspective. It’s the life we see from different perspective. You can yourself become a wonderful possibility or a problem, it’s a choice every human being has. Every human knows that life is not a straight measurement. It goes through several ups and downs. Life reflects what we do now or later. It gives us every chance and opportunities to learn from different situations.

throws at you, it’s our choice whether to make it possibility or problem. Life can throw all kinds of horrible things, don’t underestimate life it can do things to you. The more active you are the more unexpected things life can throw at you. So the point I am trying to clarify that everybody should try to equip themselves in such a way that whatever the life throws, you will make it into possibility.

– By Sabin Bhattarai