Life is all about “YOU”

Every dusk when sun is about to hide itself behind those mountains and let moon to outset its warmth, I always wonder ,”What could have been to this planet if sun never sets? “I keep on wondering that if sun never sets,” Would it be possible for humans to live in this planet?” And,” Would it be possible for all other species either plants or animals to exist?” Is it possible for this planet to always be in light not having dark? Would our existence be same only in light without dark? May be we could or we couldn’t, I can’t grab all the knowledge through which I could perfectly analyze it. But for sure, I can compare sunrise and sunset with life.

For philosopher like Aristotle life is about happiness: Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence. But can it be true for all human in this planet. Of course not! Life has given different definition to different people. And for me, I compare life to the sunset and sunrise. Till now there is no sunrise without sunset and of course no sunset without sunrise. So can we always make only happiness as a part of life. Not for sure! Sadness is a natural part of life as happiness. Sometimes we feel lost and other time we feel like we have conquered the world. Why we always see sadness as a disease to be cured while happiness as a gift of life? Both are just emotions and part of life. Can the word happiness exist if there was no sadness? Obviously not, right? It would be meaningless! So happiness and sadness are like the recipe of life. So as a human we will have to taste every flavor of life, whether you like it or not. So life is always about what you choose, how you perceive and how you compare . Life is all about you.

From – Dr. Samantha