Are you blessed too?

Wherever you go. No matter how many times you ignored this feeling it’ll still stick to you. Trust me it does happen in real life -apart from novels, romantic movies and songs. And when it comes to you your heart heals. When you feel love you start doing such things you have never done before or never thought of doing before. Love gives you courage. You start taking care of yourself more. Love is when you take care of yourself for happiness of other. It is a tender thread which connects your soul to the other -whether the soul is exactly same like you or totally different doesn’t matter. What matters is feelings and you need to go with the flow. Love is sometimes unexpected or you can say unexpectedly pleasing. But yes no one can hide from it. Love seems to be a four letter word but has the power to connect hearts, create smile, heal cracks and most importantly it’s a blessing in everyone’s life. So keep your blessings safe with care who knows when will you need them.


Prekshya Marasini